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Trove of Korean War photos shot by 8th Army noncom being donated to Korean army: One sunny day in Korea last summer a group of U.S. and South Korean Soldiers met for a friendly game of screen baseball and when it was over, the Koreans, who’d lost, offered to buy dinner for everyone.

So that evening, the group of about 20, Korean and American, was soon seated in a Chinese restaurant in Uijeongbu, about an hour north of Seoul, before a long rectangular table. Set before them were ceramic dishes of sweet-and-sour pork, fried shrimp, and vegetables and seafood in hot mustard sauce.

Among the group was Col. Brandon D. Newton, a stocky career infantryman and graduate of the U.S. Army War College. People sometimes say his face reminds them of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Newton is commander of U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud and Area I. It’s headquartered at Camp Casey in Dongducheon, 11 short miles south of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone. With him were some of the garrison’s senior Soldiers and civilians.

The Korean Soldiers were from two Korean military units in Area I, the Republic of Korea Army Support Group, and the Defense Security Command.

Stored in Newton’s smartphone were hundreds of photos of Korea his grandfather took while serving in the Korean War. Whenever Newton’s shown them to Koreans they’ve seen them as having historical value.

“I’d say, ‘Hey, these are some pictures of Seoul back in the day,’ and everybody goes, ‘Well, those need to be in a museum! Those are significant! They capture Korea’s landscape in a way that we don’t have a lot of from the Fifties.’ Korean people said this.”

Seated next to Newton that evening was Korean army Sgt. Major Park Young-ju, a member of the ROKA Support Group who’s assigned to the U.S. Army’s 55th Military Police Company at Camp Casey.

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