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Becoming one team: Moldovan, U.S. National Guard soldiers train in harsh, unpredictable desert


95 Moldovan soldiers are joining their U.S. counterparts for the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team’s eXportable Combat Training Capability exercise, August 6-28, 2018.

The XCTC exercise, developed and coordinated by First Army and National Guard Bureau, is one of the 30th’s largest in recent history, with almost 4,000 Soldiers from North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Moldova.

It is an extremely significant exercise for the Moldovan soldiers, considering that out the thousands of soldiers in the Moldovan Army, only 95 were selected to travel to America and participate in the XCTC exercise.

North Carolina National Guard and Moldovan Armed Forces have been training together through NGB’s State Partnership Program, which pairs National Guard states with the armed forces of America’s global partners and allies.

“The Moldovan Armed Forces and the North Carolina National Guard have been State Partners for 22 years,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Lusk, the adjutant general of the North Carolina National Guard. “Through two decades of engagements our forces know each other and trust each other. The long term relationship and trust is what the State Partnership Program fosters and after all these years we continue to learn from our interactions to become more effective and stronger militaries.”

The Moldovan soldiers selected to attend the XCTC trained for six months prior to their deployment to Texas. The soldiers were trained in their respective military areas of expertise so they could be embedded within all 30th sections critical to the exercise, such as: logistics, operations, maintenance, medics, engineers, scouts, and mechanized fighting vehicles.

“Our hope is that all Moldovan Soldiers involved in this exercise bring the best practices learned here back home to further help us develop our training process,” said Lt. Col. Vitalie Micov, an operations officer in the Moldovan army. “When they return home the soldiers will participate in the Moldovan annual exercise with all defense forces, and the learned procedures and experience here are going to be implemented in our national level exercise.” Read more

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Becoming one team: Moldovan, U.S. National Guard soldiers train in harsh, unpredictable desert