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ARCYBER more than just offensive, defensive ops, Fogarty says


A misconception of U.S. Army Cyber Command’s mission is that it’s only about defensive and offensive cyber, said Lt. Gen. Stephen G. Fogarty.

But equally important, he said, are other “tribal members” of ARCYBER.

Fogarty, commander of ARCYBER, spoke Thursday during an Association of the U.S. Army-sponsored forum on cyber warfare.

The other equally important communities within ARCYBER, he said, include signals intelligence, electronic warfare and information operations.

ARCYBER needs to provide the combatant commander with an entire array of options from each of those communities that will provide him freedom of movement on the battlefield and deny the same to adversaries, Fogarty said. “We want to present multiple dilemmas to the enemy, not just cyber.”

Next week, Fogarty said he’ll convene a meeting with leaders in ARCYBER to discuss the roles each of them play and how they can more effectively be utilized in the future, such as by better synchronizing their efforts.

U.S. Army Cyber Command, along with ARCYBER, are relatively new organizations, stood up just eight years ago, he said.

Over the course of that time, particularly within the last two years, ARCYBER has been able to assess what it has gotten wrong and right so far, he said.

ARCYBER operators “are in the fight every day,” he explained, and in the last two years that fight has heated up as peer adversaries acquire new technologies and capabilities and test those of the U.S. and its allies.

That high-intensity fight has enabled ARCYBER to accelerate its learning and evolve much more quickly than ever before, he said. The backbone of that effort has been the excellent ARCYBER workforce.

Lt. Gen. Bruce T. Crawford, Army chief information officer/G-6, said he wants to ensure that excellent ARCYBER workforce of 13,600 individuals has the right skills and training to meet the higher and higher demands that will be placed on them as they defend the U.S. network and work to disrupt the network of the enemy. Read more

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ARCYBER more than just offensive, defensive ops, Fogarty says